SBI TacPro was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing reliable and trustworthy point of supply to the UK Emergency Services, MOD and Security Sector. During the intervening three years SBI TacPro has become an established presence with those services. This fast paced progress has been achieved by virtue of realising two mutually inclusive objectives – always meeting the needs of customers (sometimes at expense of SBI TacPro’s own needs) and always delivering on time.

Central to SBI TacPro's success has been the close working relationships it has formed with UK police forces. In just three years, recognition of SBI TacPro’s make the service fit the customer and not the customer fit the service approach, has taken it to the point where it now counts more than 30 constabularies among its roster of clients.

Just as it works closely with its customers, so SBI TacPro has strong relationships with its brandowners and suppliers. This allows SBI TacPro to get an inside view of their aims and importantly a preview of new developments before they happen. The result is the perfect dovetail between what SBI customers both need and want and what its brandowners supply.

Modern security and protection requirements are faced with fast evolving challenges. It is this fact that has shaped SBI Tacpro’s highly flexible approach to business. There are no layers of bureaucracy to deal with, no one size fits all approach to product management and there is no minimum order. Instead customers get a human response allied to machine like efficiency.

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TEL +44 1666 575 273 / E: sales@sbitacpro.uk

About SBI TacPro


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